Why would I need a private SSL or dedicated IP?

A private Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is one of the prime factors that ensure your website the safety it needs against the modern day cyber crimes. Having a dedicated IP just backs it up. If you are not sure on why you may need a private SSL or dedicated IP to host your website, below mentioned are some of the best reasons to clarify your doubts.

1. You are running an e-commerce site
E-commerce websites are one of the biggest targets of hackers. If you are using a shared IP, it gets easy for them to get access to your website if they can just get into any of your neighbor’s site. This puts your entire existence at risks including the financial credentials of your users. Also, an SSL certificate is a must for making secured transactions on any website so that the safety of the customers is not compromised in any way. The combination of the two can efficiently help you to maintain the security of all the sensitive data of your business and prevent it from falling prey to hackers. You will not have to be in the risk that an attacker can shut down your system unless you agree to pay the ransom amount.

2. You want to boost your SEO ranking
Google’s announcement to provide more priority to the websites with a secure connection has turned on the demand for using private SSL certificates. It will help you to promote the SEO ranking of your website. Though that does not necessarily mean that you need a dedicated IP, having a dedicated IP for your website means that the malicious activities of the other sites will not be affecting your reputation. It is common for ISPs to block websites with malicious activities. They do so by blocking the IP address of the website. As you will not be sharing your IP address with anyone else, you are automatically spared from being blocked and your reputation will continue to flourish. Google does not need to officially announce everything. If you are sensible enough and know the terms around the world, you can make out a few points on your own.

3. You want to provide your users with an enhanced experience
Having a dedicated IP for your website ensures that it will be performing at an optimal level. The downtime will be reduced to great extents especially for the purpose that you will not have to share any resources with other websites. It automatically confirms a boosted experience to your users. Once they know what they are going to get from your website and the quality that they can expect, they will automatically develop trust and loyalty for your website. It will also help you to generate more traffic. Further, it will also bring in boosted conversion rates. The best part of having a private SSL certificate or dedicated IP is that you are ready to grow to your full potential and it is the ultimate motive of any business.