Things you can’t do with shared hosting – but can with a VPS

Shared hosting has been one of the ideal choice in the web hosting industry but there are a lot of ways through which VPS has moved ahead in the race. Below mentioned are some of the most important things that VPS offers you over shared hosting services.

1. Unparalleled Performance of shared hosting

Shared hosting distributes limited resources equally among all the customers. That means if one site is drawing in more resources, the performance of rest of the website will automatically be hindered. Also, the malicious contents of a single website on a shared host can hamper the collective reputation of all the websites.

This is because the IP address of all the websites will be the same and if the ISP comes across a website that is blocked; your website may be blocked out as well due to the same IP address. VPS ensures that there is no or minimal downtime for your website and ensures the ultimate experience for your customers. They are less likely to jump to your rival business’s website. Statistics show that sites on VPS tend to have a higher retention rate of customers and an increased base of loyal customers.

2. Added Security with shared hosting

Shared hosting can be a lot risky especially if your website deals a lot of financial transactions. Working on a shared host leaves your website more prone to hackers in two ways. Firstly, if a hacker also owns a website on the shared host, they can easily break through any of your websites as the IP address will be the same as there.

Even if that is not the case, a hacker can easily break through any of the websites on the server with low security and can easily tamper with the data of the websites. It not only puts your business at risks but also passes a great threat to the sensitive data of your users who trust your website. Despite following all ethics and values, you would be able to provide the value of the trust of your clients. VPS hosting is even more essential for e-commerce websites.

3. Save Expenses with shared hosting

Unlike the fixed charges of shared hosting, VPS offers a lot of flexible packages to suit the need of the clients. You can check out the multiple providers of VPS hosting to check out how their offers can suit your demands. Some offer payment slabs for just the resources you need. Any unused resources will not be charged under the package.

Others can offer packages with present resources but without a mandatory limitation. You can choose to move to a package with increased resources at any point in time. Also, the maintenance charges for VPS are far less in comparison to the shared hosting services. it is the result of reduced technical issues and efficient customer support from the VPS providers.